Our Story


All Organic NZ is the continuation of a longstanding bond with the land that dates back to 1946.

It was then when two young entrepreneurs, Jose Dadah and Luis Blanco, purchased land situated around the headwaters of the Rio Piedras River from the British company Hardcastle.

With tenacity and determination, they set out to realise the dream of farming their newly purchased highlands in the Jujuy province of northern Argentina, part of a mountainous rain-forest known as “Yungas” that extends from Argentina to neighbouring countries. They relocated their families to the area and there carved out roads, built irrigation systems and created an agricultural enterprise in the middle of nowhere. The vegetables they produced were distributed throughout Argentina via the British Northern Railway.

The first estate was given the name ‘Estate of the Valley’ – “del Valle” was the maiden name of the wife of one of the pioneers who had left her city comforts to raise a family and support her husband in very adverse conditions.

In the 1960’s these two pioneers ended their partnership; Jose Dadah to pursue a career in commerce, whilst Luis Blanco continued his dedication to agriculture.


The 1970’s brought Hugo Blanco, Luis’ son, to the chair of the company. He shook the farming industry with his plan for intensive production modernisation. New land was added, new crops introduced and all the machinery was replaced. This decade saw the company begin production of grains such as maize, beans and others, in addition to the vegetables. Trade with other countries in the South American region began. This trend of expansion and growth continued throughout the 1980’s.

In the 1990’s the company took advantage of more than 40 years’ agricultural experience to add greater emphasis to the quality of the food being grown and production sustainability. In order to reach these goals new equipment was introduced: a pressurised drip irrigation method ensured optimised use of water; and a new sowing technique called direct seeding or “zero farming” was implemented, resulting in better care of the soil because nutrients were being replenished.


The new millennium finds a strengthened company, with an even clearer vision to produce consistently high quality food.

In 2003, management was transferred to a third generation of farmers, which again brought intensive restructuring in the renewal of machinery and production processes. The land area being tilled expanded to 2,000 hectares, with the acquisition of two notable farms, “La Lucrecia” and “Santa Ana”. In addition to local expansion, the team began routine farming operations in Bolivia.

This new generation was passionate about their twofold goal of protecting the environment and increasing production standards, leading them to the decision to produce organic food. They brought together their collective experience to prepare one of their farms for organic chia seed production, to be followed later by more grains and legumes such as maize, soy, beans and chickpeas, among others.

These nutriments are produced under rigorous quality control systems and regular monitoring from relevant auditing authorities, yet maintain adherence to ancient methods of production.

Today, the produce is exported to Denmark, Germany, Norway, Japan and Australia, among others.

AONZ today


The creation of All Organic NZ in 2016 by Juan Pablo Dadah and Roberto Blanco, (grandchildren of the original founders in 1946), is a commercial extension of our organic production and adds a new chapter to our ongoing history and guardianship of almost 70 years of uninterrupted farming experience.

Juan Pablo Dadah is an electrical engineer who has already established himself in New Zealand and created a technology-based company in Auckland which he still owns and manages. He is committed to honouring the values of hard work and trust of his family that have brought the company to where it is today.

Now that you know our story thus far, we invite you to get to know us even better… and be part of our exciting future.